West Toronto Youth Wellness Hub - Yorktown Family Services


Supporting Black identified children and youth involved with child welfare, at risk of care, or are leaving care and transitioning back to family or into the community.

Care Navigation Primary Health Care Pathway

The West Toronto Youth Wellness Hub Care Navigator supports youth and their caregivers encountering complex and multiple mental health challenges in accessing services both internally within the hub and externally with partner organizations.

Care Navigation Triage

Care Navigation (CN) Triage serves as the initial point of contact for individuals seeking access to Youth Wellness Hub Ontario (YWHO). It ensures that clients, primarily aged 0-29, receive comprehensive information and guidance to determine their needs.

Connect 4 – Youth Mentorship Program

Group Mentorship Program designed for youth to work in small groups with a mentor to develop and enhance their life skills and leadership skills while attaining individual goals with the support of a mentor.

Hey Girl… – Youth Mentorship Program

A weekly group mentorship program designed for youth aged 14-18 yrs who identify as female. Working together in small groups with a mentor, let’s talk about life and all things only we girls understand like body image, self care, and empowerment.

Rainbow West

A youth-led 2SLGBTQ+ program that provides a safe environment for youth to engage in pro-social activities, lead community initiatives, capacity building, and peer support.

Rapid Access Therapy

Rapid Access Therapy, provided at no charge, is barrier-free access to mental health counselling services offered virtually (Virtual Rapid Access Therapy) and in-person (Walk-in Rapid Access Therapy).

START Program

START stands for Strengths-based, Time-limited, Attainable, Realistic Therapy and is an 8-12 session therapy program that relies on evidence informed treatment

Supporting Young Families

The Supporting Young Families program is a parental education and awareness program for parents and/or expecting parents under the age of 29 with children between the ages of 0 to 6.

Toronto Community Crisis Service

The Toronto Community Crisis Service (TCCS) is a non-police response with multidisciplinary teams of trained crisis workers who will respond to non-emergency calls.

West Toronto Youth Outreach Worker Network

Youth Outreach WorkerThe purpose of the Youth Outreach Worker (YOW) program is to help marginalized and at-risk youth and their families better navigate and connect with services and pro social opportunities in their communities to improve youth outcomes. Learn More

What’s Up Walk-In®

The What’s Up Walk-In is a Rapid Access Therapy brief counselling service offered at the Jane Street Hub, located at 1541 Jane Street, every Monday to Friday. No appointment is necessary; first come, first served.

Youth Mentorship Program

Operating under Yorktown Family Services at the West Toronto Youth Wellness Hub, the Youth Mentorship Program (YMP) aims to empower and improve mental health outcomes of young people between the ages of 12-25 through one-to-one and group mentoring.

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