Violence Against Women Services - Yorktown Family Services

Violence Against Women Services

Yorktown Family Services’ shelter, staffed 24 hours a day by a multilingual and multicultural team, provides a safe and secure haven for women and their children fleeing an abusive relationship. We offer numerous Violence Against Women programs and services committed to the well-being and empowerment of women who have been abused, and to the healthy development of their children.

Pour des services en Francais veuillez contacter:Fem’aide 1-877-336-2433,Oasis Centre des Femmes 416-591-6565 (, La Maison d’hbergement pour femmes francophone  647-777-6433

Safe at Last – One Family’s Story

As the taxi rolled up and Norine hurried her belongings to the door, she knew in her heart this was it. Norine had been a devoted and loving wife in a 12-year marriage, during which she had courageously endured abuse from her husband in the hopes of keeping her family together. Now she found herself and her children leaving the comfort of their home to seek safe refuge in a women’s shelter. This was not the first time they had tried to leave, but she was determined it would be the last.

Positive Change – For a Troubled Teen

When she was 12 years old Raniqua emigrated from St. Vincent to live with her aunt in Toronto. After 3 years in Canada she was not a typical 15-year old. Her adjustment to her new country left her feeling depressed and hopeless. She could not get along with her family. She was not doing well at school. She felt that there was no point in getting up in the morning. She was not happy with her life and felt that she had nothing to look forward to.

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