Clinical Services - Yorktown Family Services

Our waitlist for Strengths-based, Time-limited, Attainable, Realistic Therapy (START) is currently over 6 months long. Please note that our waitlist for trauma assessment and treatment is closed.

For rapid access to a psychotherapist please call 416-669-3521.

Growing With Grief

Individual, family and group counselling and support for children, youth and families experiencing grief related to the death or dying of a parent, sibling or in-home custodial caregiver.

KFT (Keeping Families Together) and CARE (Children at Risk of Entering Care)

KFT and CARE are partnerships with local child welfare agencies to provide rapid, in-home treatment to families where there is risk of an apprehension or placement breakdown.

START Program

START stands for Strengths-based, Time-limited, Attainable, Realistic Therapy and is an 8-12 session therapy program that relies on evidence informed treatment

Rapid Access Therapy

Rapid Access Therapy, provided at no charge, is barrier-free access to mental health counselling services offered virtually (Virtual Rapid Access Therapy) and in-person (Walk-in Rapid Access Therapy).

Trauma Treatment

Yorktown is part of the West End Services for Abuse and Trauma (WESAT), a network of agencies that provide evidenced based treatment to children, youth and their families who have experienced trauma.

What’s Up Walk-In®

The What’s Up Walk-In is a Rapid Access Therapy brief counselling service offered at the Jane Street Hub, located at 1541 Jane Street, every Monday to Friday. No appointment is necessary; first come, first served.

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