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Youth Outreach Worker

General Information




Ages: 12 – 24 years


Referral required. Download the specific form you need:

 YOW Referral Form

 YOW Mobile Therapist Referral Form

Next Session Dates:


Sessions Per Year:

52 weeks per year

Service Duration:

Determined on an individual basis and is based on needs and identified goals of young person

Languages offered:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Hungarian
  • Somali
  • Mobile Clinician
  • Black Focused Mobile Clinician

Monday to Friday


Community based, partner and host agencies include:
For Youth Initaitive, Rexdale Community Health Centre, Somali Women and Children Support Network, FoodShare Toronto, TCHC, LAMP, Albion Boys and Girls Club, West Toronto Youth Hub, Somali Youth Association of Toronto (SOYAT), The Community Place Hub.


Robyn Howlett – Manager
416-645-7575 Ext:2913

West Toronto Mobile Clinical YOWs:
Abdi Osoble (Black Focused Mobile Clinician)
Lara Pierre (Mobile Clinician)

Etobicoke North and South Team:
Abokar Mohamed
Ahmed Ali Ahmed (Somali YOW)
Haweia Ahmed
Mowlid Ali
Felix Cabrera

Weston/Mt Dennis and surrounding area team:
Richmond Kwame Nantwi
Tim Tokunboh
Zsuzsanna Szel (Hungarian Roma YOW);
Carlo Campo (Spanish YOW)
Lisa Thomas

Youth Outreach Worker

The purpose of the Youth Outreach Worker (YOW) program is to help marginalized and at-risk youth and their families better navigate and connect with services and pro social opportunities in their communities to improve youth outcomes. The PYOW program in West Toronto Lead by Yorktown Family Services, focuses on at-risk youth who live in an identified priority community and/or belong to a distinct priority population (e.g. Spanish, Somali, Hungarian Roma). These youth may experience increased barriers in accessing the opportunities that can help them to develop their capacity to make healthy life choices and achieve their goals.

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