Women and Communities against Violence (WACAV) is a special program sponsored by Yorktown Shelter for Women. It serves the need of women who are leaving shelters or still living in unsafe spousal relationships. Community Women Advocates provide services in more than 20 languages in the following areas of Toronto: York, Rexdale, Scarborough and North York.

Community Women Advocates do outreach and home visits, offering resources and information to women not yet ready to leave an abusive situation. In addition, staff provide crisis intervention and safety planning for women and their children.

For more information on WACAV programs call 416-394-2960 or email us at ronit@yorktownshelter.org.



The primary function of WACAV is to extend services into underserved ethno-specific communities so as to be accessible to all women who are currently living a lifestyle plagued with violence, or are in the midst of transitioning to a violence-free lifestyle. The intention is to ensure that these women are provided with the range of support mechanisms required as they attempt to safeguard their own safety and that of their children.

Emotional Support

This service is a major component of the WACAV program. Clients are supported as they navigate through a variety of systems including income maintenance, health, housing, legal, and / or court matters.

The WACAV Worker ensures that her clients have the information specific to related community services that exist within the community and assists her to access them.

Working with the Community Women Advocate clients develop safety strategies for themselves and their children, addressing their current situations. All Safety Plans are developed by the client in collaboration with the WACAV Worker and incorporate the individual circumstances of each client. Safety Plans include education around situations that may need to be considered in order to keep women safe.

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