The Transitional Support & Housing Program provides services within the community by outreaching to women who have left the shelter or who reside with an abusive partner.

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Transitional Support

All clients are assigned to a Transitional Support Worker who provides a range of therapeutic interventions and assumes the role of Case Manager.

This service is offered as required to clients who are encountering crisis from intake through to follow-up. Ideally, the Transitional Support Worker will work in collaboration with the client to sort though the crisis; however, after addressing the initial needs, the worker may refer elsewhere in accordance with the best interest of the client.

Safety Planning is a mandatory component of the Transitional Housing and Support Program. Women must develop safety strategies for themselves and their children. The Safety Plan addresses the safety issues of living independently within the community and / or with the abuser. All Safety Plans are developed by the client in collaboration with the Transitional Support Worker / Transitional Housing and Support Worker and incorporate the individual circumstances of each client.

Housing Support & Follow-up

The purpose of this component of programming is to secure safe and affordable housing within the community whereby clients may live independently of the abusive partner. The program’s primary objective is to assist clients to secure rent subsidy; however, frequent housing breakdowns have prompted a preventive approach to ensure that clients are able to maintain affordable housing units for the longer term. Six and twelve month follow-ups are mandated to provide support as required.

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