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  • Ages: 12 – 35 years

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Languages offered:
  • English
  • Translation Services


ETA is a biopsychosocial approach that empowers people to move beyond ideations that create codependency on groups and ideas supporting violence. ETA covers the GTA and engages with youth, young adults, and adults ages 12-35 who have a connection with ideologies that promote hate, polarization or violence as measured by participation within the program. Several behavioural health interventions are offered including: mental health therapy, outreach, peer support, and psychiatry. All of the interventions provided are evidence-informed and follow best practices in the areas of forensic social work, pre-crime interventions, post crime integration, and cross-cultural interventions. ETA also offers workshops and training to organizations, youth, and young adults along with caregivers. Our work is supported by an expert advisory committee and Community of Practice (CoP). ETA has linkages to national and international networks and organizations. 

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