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Service Delivery Format:
  • In Person:
    • By appointment only on a case-by-case basis
    • In-person groups not available until further notice

12 – 25 years


Referrals not required, feel free to sign up!

Next Session Dates:  Coming soon

CHOICES is now being offered in a condensed version offered virtually through an online group platform (Webex invitations will be provided).

Future session to be announced, please check back regularly. 


See Above for COVID19 Program Hours

Service Duration:

See Above for COVID19 Program Dates

Sessions Per Year:

4 cycles per year

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Due to COVID19 all programs are VIRTUAL.
Please see info above.

Coordinated through West Toronto Youth Hub
1541 Jane Street, North York ON M9N 2R3


Sara Francavilla


CHOICES is a prevention, early intervention program that targets the primary social and psychological factors that lead youth to engage in substance use and other risk-taking behaviours.

The CHOICES program consists of a series of 10 weekly sessions over a period of 10 weeks.

The program provides youth aged 12 to 25 with accurate, up-to-date information about the effects of various substances and the environmental influences supporting substance use. As well as providing information, it assists youth to develop the skills and confidence necessary to resist risk-taking behaviors including, but not limited to, substance use.

Youth Testimonials of the CHOICES program:

“CHOICES is such a safe space and honestly gives off such an amazing vibe. I don’t know how many times I’ve participated in CHOICES because it’s too many times to count. Because of COVID I struggled to communicate with my friends and CHOICES has just been a huge help. CHOICES is such a great place to learn about new things and we learn how to control our emotions. I have so many new friends thanks to CHOICES and I really am thankful for it! <3”

“A safe space where I can contribute my thoughts and emotions with my peers.”

“I love coming to CHOICES. Sara is always so bright and funny and brings a lot of energy to the group. I’ve learnt so much and made lots of friends. I love coming to CHOICES.”

“CHOICES is my favourite program. I learn about fun things like how to negotiate and communicate.”

“Sara is my favourite teacher. I love how happy she is and she always listens to us. She taught me how to turn our dreams into goals using SMART goals. I love CHOICES.”

“CHOICES is a safe space to relax and learn. Sara and the participants have turned into my friends. I love coming to CHOICES.”

A young woman sits in a circle with her counseling support group. She holds a water bottle as she leans forward and shares a humorous story.

CHOICES is now being offered in a condensed virtual version through an online group platform (Webex invitations will be provided).

For more information, to register or to refer someone for an upcoming session, please contact Sara Francavilla at

Upon completion of the program new participants will receive a certificate and a $50 gift card.  Please check back regularly for updates on future sessions.

Delivery of the CHOICES program is made possible by funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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