Youth Engagement at the Jane Street Hub

Yorktown Family Services’ Youth Engagement Strategy is anchored at the West Toronto Youth Hub at the Jane Street Hub. Our Drop In and workshops create opportunities for young people to engage in a wide range of arts-based and leadership programs including arts informed activities, homework help, community kitchen, civic engagement, newcomer youth support, and the Youth Advisory Committee, through which youth use their skills to the benefit their community.

In keeping with Yorktown’s strategic vision with respect to youth engagement philosophy and the continuum of service, the program offers a breadth of opportunities which are reflective of the participating youths’ interests and needs, with Youth Engagement staff creating safe and encouraging space for the participants to take on decision-making and leadership roles as well as integrating many employment and life skills, building new pathways for personal and skills development.

The Youth Development team, comprised of youth from the community, encourages the participants to become involved in the continuum of service from engagement to participation to volunteer/entrepreneurial and decision making processes.

Youth Engagement

Reaching a broad cross-section of youth, primarily in the Weston-Mount Dennis community the Youth Engagement Strategy supports a space for youth to communicate, build relationships, learn new skills, increase self-esteem and empower themselves.

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