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An early intervention program for children who witness or are exposed to family violence. The program provides group opportunities for children 4 to 16 years and their mothers to explore the effects of violence on the child and family. The program runs for 10 weeks and is offered 3 times a year.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Provide early intervention with child witnesses of family violence.
  • Provide women and children with a safe place to discuss the violence they have experienced.
  • Support children to begin to heal from the effects of witnessing family violence by understanding it is not their fault or their responsibility.
  • Support mothers as they assist their children to heal from the effects of violence by gaining confidence in their parenting skills, and receiving support during the time the children are healing.
  • Reduce the need for more costly long-term intervention for children and families.

For further information please call 416-394-2424 ext. 228.

Mindful Fathering®

A group for fathers who have been abusive to their current or ex-partners and have children exposed to the violence. This is a child centered violence prevention program that explores the effects of anger on relationships.

Fathers are invited to explore:

  • relationships with people who are important to them
  • their children’s need for care and protection
  • the effects of anger
  • new parenting skills
  • the impact beliefs and behaviours that have affected relationships with partners and children

The group runs for a 14 week and is offered twice a year. For further information please call 416-394-2424 ext. 228.

Mindful Fathering Website

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