Yorktown Child and Family Centre offers services through a number of community elementary and high schools.

School-Based Group Programs

These programs are offered in partnership with the School Boards and community schools primarily within the former City of York. Referrals are made directly by the school in which the program is offered. These programs focus on building skills to promote social interaction and emotional well-being with the goal of assisting with academic success.

Girl Talk is a nine week school-based group offered in schools in high risk neighbourhoods of the former City of York. It is also offered at the Centre as requested. It focuses on building skills through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based (CBT) curriculum that addresses and supports female youth’s management of intense emotions and thoughts that may be impacting participants’ academic, social and personal experience.

Girl Talk Overview

Think First is a nine week school-based group which focuses on building skills that aim to support the management of intense emotions and aggressive behaviours in male youth through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based (CBT) skill-building curriculum. Utilizing a variety of modalities, students are supported and challenged in the development of pro-social alternatives to dealing with stresses in their life.

Think First Overview

The “Double T” program is an eight week manualized, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) program for children aged 7-12 years displaying disruptive and aggressive behavior and their caregivers. The sessions are theme-based and utilize practice and repetition to assist the children with understanding the new concepts and strategies.

Double T Overview

Healthy Relationships Workshop

Workshops are offered to high school students focusing on healthy sexuality and relationship issues.

Community Consultation and Presentations

Yorktown offers public education on children’s mental health issues through consultation, presentations, workshops, videotapes and training.

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