Parenting in The  Early Years (PITEY) is based on Incredible Years Manual. Incredible Years is an evidence based parenting program for families with children 2 to 6 years children living in the former City of York.  The IY Program is part of a seven agency coalition – Program Without Walls (PWW), and is one of a range of programs offered that are able to address the diverse needs of families. PWW’s goal is to strengthen families and enhance the development and well-being of children living in difficult situations.  The long-term goal of PITEY is to promote healthy child development. Topics addressed include child development, parent-child interactions, praising, encouraging, making transitions and the importance of play.

“Disfruta de su niño y el niño en edad preescolar” is a 9 week-week parenting program for Spanish Speaking families from birth to 6 years.  Based on best practices in child development and parental attachment the program aims to build strong and resilient families

As a satellite partner of the Toronto-Davenport Ontario Early Years Centre and a partner with Ontario Early Years Centre Macaulay Child Development Centre, Yorktown offers a wide range of parenting programs and workshops addressing the diverse needs of families of children birth to six years. OEYC Parenting Programs offer quality programs that are ethno-culturally and linguistically appropriate to the community needs. The overall goal of OEYC Parenting Programs is to ensure healthy child development through parent/caregiver and child interaction and child-focused programs.

Daryeelka Qoyska – Somali Families and Communities Working Together is a parenting and community engagement program for Somali families. The program is offered over a nine or ten week period and designed to reflect the culture, religion and language of the Somali Community, while focusing on themes such as parenting in Canada, understanding child development, and helping children succeed in school. The program also offers parenting information workshop for Somali-speaking fathers on request. Program will be offer on 2019, for further information please contact Manager of Infant, Early Years Mental Health and Program Coordination,  Shahla Yaghoubian  at 416-394-2424 ext. 226 or e-mail

A 5-week program for children 3-6 yrs of age and their parents or caregivers where a different story is read each week, for example “The very Hungry Caterpillar”. Children will create a craft related to the story and will have a snack that is also pertinent to the story read. In this manner, children will have the opportunity to experience the story in many different sensory fun ways. Through reading children enhance and practice their language and communication skills their narrative and listening skills, their fine motor coordination, learn how to take turns and follow directions, read with their parent and have fun. The program can also be highlighted as a school readiness program.

The focus of the program is to build foundation skills to prepare the children to enter kindergarten and to increase exposure to school routines and expectations. At the program children learn to follow expectations and routines; improve fine motor skills, practice and enhance numeracy and literacy skills and learn a social, communications and self-regulation skills.

Parents and caregivers meanwhile learn to support  their children through this transition as well as to build on their knowledge of community supports that will assist them in remaining engaged throughout their children’s school life. These include practice skills that reduce parent-child separation anxiety and stress about starting school increase parents confidence and ability to support their children to successfully start school and learn.

A drop-in program for parents/ caregivers and their babies up to 14 months. Weekly discussions on parenting and infant care, and special workshops.  Additionally, a 30 minute continuous circle comprising of “lap” songs, movement songs, rhymes and finger play to  enhance attachment and bonding, cue in to babies’ emotions through songs and movement, help babies achieve milestones, improve communication skills with baby and most importantly, promote healthy relationships between baby and parent/caregiver

Parenting Wisely is an evidence-based, interactive CD-ROM and DVD-based parenting program designed for families at-risk with children from ages 3 to 18 years.  The long-term goal of Parenting Wisely is to promote healthy child development.  Topics addressed include: child development, parent-child interactions and bonding, parenting techniques, conflict, problem-solving, and communication. When resources permit, children’s skill building groups run in conjunction with the parenting program. Program will be offer on 2019, for further information please contact Manager of Infant, Early Years Mental Health and Program Coordination, Shahla Yaghoubian  at 416-394-2424 ext. 226 or e-mail

Parenting Wisely

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