Yorktown Child and Family Centre (YCFC) offers a full continuum of mental health services for children and youth from birth to eighteen years of age and their families or caregivers. Professionally qualified mental health staff work within a multi-disciplinary framework to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to child, youth and family needs. Clinicians use evidence-informed practices and a range of therapeutic skills and counselling modalities, to address diverse social, emotional, and behavioural challenges that children, youth, and families present with.  The length of counselling depends on client needs and what the child, youth or family want to accomplish collaboratively as a result of counselling. All situations are unique and services are individualized to address a family’s specific situation.

  • 1:30pm – 6pm
  • 10am – 3pm
  • 2pm – 8pm

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How to Obtain Counselling Services

Children and youth from birth to age 24, along with their families/caregivers can access a counselling session with no appointment necessary and no fee required at Yorktown Child and Family Centre, located at 2010 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 300 during the clinic hours shown above.

Please arrive ONE hour prior to the end of the walk-in hours to allow sufficient time for a counselling session.

Upon arrival to the clinic, clients will be asked to fill out brief forms to assist the clinicians in understanding a family’s unique circumstances and needs, including their issues of concerns and goals for the session. The clinician will thoroughly review with clients, the service process and relevant policies, including the consent to service and confidentiality policies.  Please note that for parents/caregivers who have joint custody, both parties must sign Yorktown’s consent to service form in order to access service.  Consent to service forms will also preferably be signed by both parent(s)/guardian(s) and youth aged 12 – 15 years, except where the youth asks for service without parental knowledge. Youth aged 16 years or older may sign the consent to service form on their own. The benefits of involving parent(s)/guardian(s) will be discussed with youth and family involvement is encouraged.  Youth will be supported to understand that clinicians will need to advise their parent(s)/guardian(s) or other appropriate person if they believe that information must be shared for reasons of safety involving the client or others.

Translation services through professional interpreters can be made available to clients who are in need of this support during their counselling session. This is usually accessed by telephone at our walk in.

Accessing Ongoing Individual and Family Counselling

YCFC ‘s walk-in clinic also functions as the agency’s gateway for accessing additional therapy for children, youth, and families who are in need of, and would benefit from, more comprehensive counselling services, beyond what can be provided through the walk-in clinic.  These services are available to children and youth from birth to age 18, along with their families/caregivers residing in the former City of York/West End of Toronto.

Once this need has been identified at the walk-in clinic, the  clinician will complete a Referral Form. The Intake Worker will contact the family to gather relevant information about the family, their concerns, needs and the services and resources available. For families where the identified client is above the age of six, the intake worker will also complete a telephone interview, called BCFPI. After the family has completed the intake process, a clinician will be assigned and will offer a time to meet with the family and begin one of the following counselling processes, depending upon the family’s needs:

The clinician will meet with the client for 3-4 sessions, providing brief assessment and intervention to address specific treatment goals.

The clinician will meet with the client for 8-12 sessions, which includes a more comprehensive assessment and a longer term counselling process to address a broader range of clinical issues.

Clinicians are able to provide a specialized assessment and intervention process to clients identified with trauma symptoms related to various types of trauma, including: domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, etc. Once the assessment phase is completed, treatment recommendations are made, which may include Trauma focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (TF-CBT), typically ranging from 12-15 sessions.

Child Welfare Diversion Programs

Yorktown also engages in a partnership with local child welfare agencies to collaboratively offer a range of counselling and support services to parents/caregivers and their children and youth with complex needs, who are either at risk of entering into the care of a child welfare agency, or are currently in the process of being reunited with their family of origin. These services are specifically for children/youth and families referred by child welfare. Services are offered in a timely manner in accessible locations such as the home/community. Referrals are made by child welfare workers.

CARE (Children at Risk of Entering Care) Brief 12 week intensive counselling program for children & youth, aged 0-18 and their families

KFT (Keeping Families Together) Brief 12 week intensive counselling program for youth, aged 13-18 and their families

Wraparound Family led, organized support services from 4 to 6 months,  for youth, aged 13-18 and their families

Yorktown’s clinicians engage in all services in partnership with children, youth and families. The process examines the strengths, issues and needs of the clients, and results in agreed upon goals for counselling which are reviewed regularly. Throughout the process, work is collaborative with the family and with any other service providers that may be involved.

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