2018 Art Education Event - Yorktown Family Services
painting of a woman with a white hat

In support of a recent art donation to Yorktown Family Services by the estate of Katherine Moses, Yorktown will be hosting an art education evening focused on learning the ins and outs of collecting art.

The Westmount Gallery
Thursday April 12, 2018
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Gallery owner, Judy Smith, will lead a conversation with attendees about collecting art, followed by a discussion with a few collectors who will speak about what moved them to purchase art. Pieces donated by the estate of Katherine Moses will be available for viewing and to purchase.


includes wine/Perrier

Katherine Moses (1956-2011) was born in Toronto, Canada in a Hungarian-Jewish family. She finished high school in 1974 and married Allen Krukin in 1986. She painted nearly 100 canvases between the late 1970s and early 1990s. Although portraits of women and couples make up the majority of her subjects, she never worked from models. She usually completed her paintings in a single sitting.

Most of Moses’ paintings are acrylic on canvas. Though, in later years, she also painted on white paperboard, which yielded even more striking colour in the finished work.

In addition to being influenced by 20th century European artists such as Picasso and Klimt, Moses’ work reflects the materialism and media-inspired culture or the 1980s. In her work, emotions live underneath a world of bright colours and fashion. Women are seen trying to fit into stereotypical gender roles and struggling to live up to ideals of beauty and romance.

Moses’ work is included the collections of Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto), Baycrest Hospital (Toronto), YWCA Toronto, as well as other organizations, and private collectors.

Visit Katherine’s website.

painting of a portrait of a woman
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