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“Yorktown’s programs and services have changed my life forever. I am able to take charge of my life and know that I can independently support myself and my children. I count my blessings for having come across Yorktown and the wonderful people there, who have helped me so much. Without them, I could have been lost,” reflects Davia, pictured above with her two children and below with Youth Outreach Worker, Hetty Lawrence.

With your help, Yorktown’s Youth Programs will continue to lead the way in empowering young people like Davia to get a fresh start, overcome difficulties and forge their own positive future.

Your donation will help ensure we continue to offer innovative and relevant programs that are life changing for young people.

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“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit.
We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.

— Wilma “Skeeter” Rudolph

Unleashing human potential is an important objective of Yorktown’s Youth Programs. These programs are dedicated to the empowerment of youth, the prevention of youth violence, and providing opportunities that enable youth to become invested members of the community. Through our Youth Outreach Worker (YOW) Program, Supporting Young Families Program (a program for pregnant and parenting teens), and Youth Development Programs, thousands of at-risk youth have created brighter futures for themselves and have become positive influencers in their communities.

You are an important partner in bringing Yorktown’s Youth Programs to life! Your previous support helped provide the funding to allow the addition of critical program elements, like addressing mental health issues of youth and young adults. Your gift this year will enable Yorktown to continue to bring positive change to the lives of at-risk youth. I would like to share with you a real life empowerment story that demonstrates the impact of Yorktown’s Youth Programs and how youth are enabled to overcome difficulties and achieve their dreams.

Davia, the eldest of six, first came to Canada from St. Lucia when she was 17 years old. A series of challenges in adapting to this new and different country led Davia to be estranged from her family, and pregnant. Doors to a world of opportunities were opened when Davia encountered one of Yorktown’s Youth Outreach Workers, Hetty Lawrence.

Davia says, “I was learning how to ‘get along with Canada’ with the help of Hetty, other YOWs, and Yorktown’s Youth Programs. I was put in touch with visiting nurses, a dietician, and a pediatrician. I received the support I needed to get a health card and a Social Insurance Number, as well as achieve my First Aid Certification. I was on my way to being able to take care of myself.” 

With ongoing guidance Davia went on to complete upgrading for school, enter a college program, and support herself and her two beautiful children. She received help in all aspects of her life including learning parenting skills through the Supporting Young Families Program. She was also referred to Yorktown’s clinical services when she was in need of additional mental health supports.

When asked about her relationship with Davia, Hetty commented, “I was impressed by Davia’s will to make her life better. Like so many other young people who come from challenging circumstances, what she really needed was the help to find and access the services and supports to help her accomplish this.”

As a partner in achieving our mission to strengthen and support children, youth, individuals and families, we appreciate your commitment to Yorktown Child and Family Centre. Our Youth Programs are a profound example of the positive impact we are accomplishing together.

Thank you for helping us bring these vital, inspiring services to our clients. Their future will be strengthened because of your support.

With heartfelt thanks,

Suzette Arruda-Santos
Executive Director, Yorktown Family Services

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