Thank you for helping to make this event a success.

These materials will help you promote the event. If you require assistance or materials customization, please contact Andrea Holmes.

Office: 416-394-2424 Ext.251 | Cell: 647-244-0292 |

Low resolution i.e., good for sending via email, PDF versions of the full Sponsorship Package, and the Purchase Form. Note that the full Sponsorship Package includes the Purchase Form however, this form can be used for both Sponsors and Attendees.  The Letter Template in PDF is for viewing only, please see the link to the Word doc format below for downloading and editing to add your contact’s information.

2017-Tribute-Dinner-Letter-Template in Word format.

Note that this document has a compressed background image, with the left side and Yorktown contact information hard-coded in the background. If you need edits to this area, please contact Andrea.

Approved images to use in promotional materials, emails, etc.

Event landing page where anyone may register as a Sponsor, order Tables/Tickets and/or make a donation. Payments for Sponsorships are made via cheque or EFT, payments for Tables/Tickets or donations may be made online via PayPal, or through Yorktown Family Services directly.